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Whois Definition

Whois is an internet service that provides details about a domain name or IP address via a Whois Lookup tool. Computers also provide a command prompt query tool often for use by technical savvy and knowledgeable users.

These details include availability, ownership, registrar (sponsor), registrant and the host status particulars. All new domain name registrations should provide such information publicly through the authorized local sponsoring registrar.

Registry Details

You and other readers may be wondering about the particulars presented publicly via Whois. You are free to use the Broad Notes Cloud Whois Lookup query tool above to get such information which include


The information include domain name, updated date and creation date; registry domain id and expiry date; registrar WHOIS server, URL, name, IANA ID, abuse contact Email and abuse contact phone.


The registrant, administrative and technical contact details include name, organization, street, city, state, postal code, country code, phone and Email.


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